Online Private Sessions

Our clients come from all levels of health and fitness. If pain or injury is getting in the way of your life please contact us. If you want to have a private session to improve your practice then we will be glad to assist you.
50 minutes in length. The session is on Pacific time and occurs on Skype.

I can work with clients on a weekly, bi-monthly, or  monthly basis. It is up to you how much instruction you might want. We can discuss this with your initial session.

Type of Session:
Yoga Therapy- You will be shown how to use yoga poses to help enhance your life and help lessen pain in your body.
Sphere Therapeutix- You will be shown how to create space and reduce pain and tension through the use of traction and pressure with small balls
If you are under a doctor’s care, we will need a medical release.

Cost: $65.00

Once you have purchased a session. You will be called within 48 hours to set up an appointment time. Thank you!