Why Yoga for the therapists and bodyworkers?

As a therapist or bodyworker, you are an athlete.  An athlete is one who has the essential abilities to participate in physical exercise.  Just like an athlete, a bodyworker has attained a high level of conditioning and skill.  The difference in a bodyworker and professional athlete is that a bodyworker is not competing against another opponent. However, a bodyworker does push his/her own physical limits.  The abilities that you as a bodyworker and an athlete should possess are strength, flexibility, and endurance.

It is important to know your current abilities and predispositions to injury and train for the type of strength you use most in your technique. Accepting these ideas are an important step in the right direction to making your career last.  If your body is not strong and flexible, then you are not equipped with the right tools to perform your job.


3 Important Principles to Keep in Mind while practicing bodywork are: Awareness, Grounding, and Alignment. These principles are basic and are crucial to the foundation of your practice.

Yoga brings awareness, grounding, and a sense of alignment to your body while working.  It teaches you to use the breath as you flow in and out of each posture.  Yoga adds strength and flexibility to the body and enhances the body’s ability to practice massage.  The principles of yoga can make your job as an athlete easier and can help prevent injury.


Grounding in MT Pose

Time to practice grounding:

  • Stand with you feet hip width apart
  • Feel your feet planted firmly on the ground
  • Focus on the root of your spine and see a tube extend from your pelvis to 100 feet into the ground.
  • Feel a line of energy from your body into the earth
  • Allow any excess energy to flow down the tube and be neutralized
  • Focus your mind, letting all energy flow out that is no longer needed
  • Stay here as long as needed
  • Now, feel white light and positive energy moving up through the tube and into your body
  • Let this white light nourish every cell of your body
  • Stay here until your body is energized
  • Bring your attention back to your feet and feel a deep connection with nature
  • Know you can connect and access this energy at any time

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