Yoga 4 Every Body

If you have an injury, it’s best to get an okay from your doctor before trying yoga, especially if you pain is persistent and if you are experiencing tingling or numbness in your limbs. Always make sure that your doctor or physical therapist has cleared you for exercises.

Yoga 4 Every Body allows people from the beginner to intermediate levels to experience joy and a pain free lifestyle from doing yoga. The yoga therapy that I teach focuses on the everyday student, those with back pain, shoulder pain and arm pain. The type of yoga I teach will give you better alignment, flexibility and, most importantly, helps you to relieve pain and gain awareness in your body. I can’t wait to share these programs with you. Check out my yoga DVD, yoga products, and podcasts.

My intention is to help people enjoy moving and being in their body’s. Every Body can do yoga, at every phase of life, age and ability.

Your physical body tightens as you live daily life, exercise, and age. As your body becomes less flexible and more rigid, it becomes less efficient and more prone to injury and disease. If you are tight physically, you become internally constricted as well. By reducing the constriction of bodily tissues, yoga can help slow and even reverse the aging process.

Many people think that yoga is simply stretching. Stretching is essential, but yoga creates balance by developing strength and flexibility in the body with breath and movement combined. Achieving this balance is done by performing a series of postures, or poses, called asanas. Each pose has a particular benefit. The poses can be done either quickly or at a slower pace. A fast-paced, steady rhythm helps create heat in the body. A slow, flowing pace perfects the alignment of each pose, increases stamina, and releases each stretch point in the tissue. Postures are done in succession, but the approach depends on what tradition is being followed.

Many physical benefits come from a regular yoga practice, including increased strength, flexibility, and better balance. When you feel energetic and strong, you feel light. When you feel tired and weak, you feel extremely heavy. A steady yoga practice makes you feel stronger and lighter and gives better tone to your muscles. Doing yoga erases tension in your muscles. With a regular yoga practice, your body becomes more fluid, moves more efficiently, and is more flexible. Consequently, pain and tension are less likely to be stored. Yoga creates symmetry in your body in a balanced manner. As a result, balance is likely to happen in many areas of your life.

Create Peace Yoga DVDYoga gives strength and flexibility for physical activity, and on a deeper level, yoga generates energy. The energy yoga brings has a focused quality. Practicing yoga keeps you in the present moment and helps with your body awareness. The art of yoga allows you to accept your limits, and listen to and honor your body. It also teaches you how to balance many aspects of your life.

Yoga helps train your mind in a concentrated way and helps keep your mind focused. Yoga brings mental clarity and increased peace of mind. Yoga gives feedback from your physical body to your mind, and you can use this body awareness when you practice bodywork. The body has its own built-in intelligence. Doing yoga teaches you to listen to the intelligence of your own body. Great side effects of practicing yoga are learning to focus your energy and cultivating feedback sensitivity. You learn to feel the difference between pain and intensity. This awareness helps you counter the tendency to ignore your body‘s feedback messages.


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