Rx Shoulder Care

If you have a shoulder injury, it’s best to get an okay from your doctor before trying yoga, especially if you pain is persistent and if you are experiencing tingling or numbness in your limbs. Always make sure that your doctor or physical therapist has cleared you for exercises.

My mission is to provide Yoga for every individual and body type. Rx Shoulder care is yoga therapy that assists you in preventing and relieving Shoulder and neck pain. . If pain is persistent please consult your medical doctor. Create Peace yoga is designed to be utilized after diagnosis and after physical therapy has been completed.

Benefits from doing Create Peace Yoga- Rx Yoga for Neck Pain:

  • Relieve tension and pain in your shoulder and neck
  • More flexibility in your body
  • Happier and Healthier life

Have you ever had shoulder and neck pain? Well I can help you.

Did you know that According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), repetitive strain injuries are the nation’s most common and costly occupational health problem, affecting hundreds of thousands of American workers, and costing more than $20 billion a year in workers compensation.

Repetitive Strain Injury and Carpal Tunnel are very common in our society. A repetitive strain injury (RSI) or an overuse injury is a cumulative trauma disorder stemming from prolonged repetitive, forceful, or awkward hand movements. In opposition to what people may think, the hands are not the only part of the body that can have a repetitive strain injury. Many parts of the body can be overused and injured. Repetitive strain or overuse syndrome is created from strain to a certain body part that can become chronic and includes a wide range of conditions. Some examples of overuse syndrome include: tendonitis, tenosynovitis, bursitis, nerve impingements such as carpal tunnel and thoracic outlet, shin splints, and various other musculoskeletal injuries.

Overuse injuries are generally an outcome of repetitive use, inefficient movement, poor or static posture, and stress to the soft tissues of the body. Connective tissue hardens over time because the soft tissue is overused. This is a natural response for the prevention of injury. Any repetitive action that places excessive strain on the soft tissues can cause damage to the body. Microscopic damage occurs in the soft tissue and can build up over time. The damage that develops can cause excessive strain, tearing, and inflammation. Injuries to the soft tissue are common and can include strains, sprains, tendonitis, and possible tearing. Injuries can happen when there is not proper healing time for the soft tissue to repair. This type of injury is commonly seen in muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

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