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Create Peace Yoga DVD
Create Peace Yoga DVD
Yoga means union and helps to join body and mind to promote total wellness. It builds strength, flexibility and balance, while reducing stress. Used in conjunction with your breath, yoga can be deeply healing and nourishing for your body.
Join Karina Braun as she guides you through a series of yoga sessions to build strength and revitalize your body. This easy to follow sequence is designed for beginner to intermediate students.

CREATE PEACE in your body and transform your life.
DVD features
30 minute - Endurance Routine
20 minute - Renewal Routine
5 minute - Bonus Yoga 4 the Hands
Approx. running time -
55 minutes

Please consult your physician prior to performing these or any other yoga routines.

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Sphere Therapeutix Low Back Workshop
Sphere Therapeutix Low Back Workshop
Sphere Therapeutix® is a unique type of bodywork that utilizes a 4″ air filled sphere and an aromatherapy infused t spheres® sport ball with a combination of yoga postures. Students are taught how to help pain in the low back, hips, and legs by creating space in the body and reducing pain and tension. Feel freedom in your body and live a happy, healthy and pain free life. $25

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