Meet Karina Braun!

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Karina Braun has been in the bodywork and Yoga Therapy field for 19 years. She attended the University of North Texas for her undergraduate studies and then went to Hands on School of Massage in Garland, TX in 1997. She began her career by owning a small hair salon and spa in Texas. Later, Karina decided to study Reiki and began teaching others how to utilize Reiki in order to balance the energetic body of their client. She also received Yoga Instructor Certification in 2001 from Yogamotion. In 2002, Karina relocated to Las Vegas and taught at Dahan Institute of Massage Studies, then went on to work at a world renowned spa on the strip.

Karina has firsthand knowledge in the health and bodywork field. She experienced a repetitive strain injury from doing barefoot deep compression massage and feeling all the emotions that go along with being injured definitely gave her more empathy to help others in this field. Karina has also been through many aspects of the medical system and can assist others in self-care and the healing of their injuries. Karina had a double lumbar fusion in 2009 and utilized physical therapy and yoga therapy to rehabilitate her back. She is committed to helping others reduce their pain and increase mobility in their own body.

Karina is a massage and yoga educator in Nevada and resides in Las Vegas and teaches and practices Sphere Therapeutix™ for Yoga and Bodywork, Reiki, and performs therapeutic massage. She enjoys writing educational material, hiking, and boating.

What Type of Yoga do I Need?

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Your unique anatomy and health history need to be factored in when choosing which type of yoga is right for you. Study each type, decide what your goals are, and choose the style best for creating balance in your life. Yoga can be done alone — your personal practice — or it can be done in a classroom setting. Traditions vary, and there are styles for every person. In your personal practice, your individual experience with yoga develops over time as you learn to listen to your body and quiet your mind. In a classroom setting, you can receive modifications and adjustments from your teacher to refine your alignment. The styles of yoga range from flowing to active, slow, or restorative.

Demystifying yoga seems difficult, but if you know your body‘s needs and you educate yourself, it is pretty simple. Yoga classes are offered for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students. If you are new to yoga, take a beginners class and learn the fundamentals. From that point, you can branch off into whichever specialty you like.

Various yogis from India have developed different types of yoga. Some are done gently and some are vigorous and fast paced. Karina Braun teaches various types of yoga for different conditions. We offer something for everyone.

  • Back Care
  • Hand and Arm Care (Repetitive Strain)
  • Yoga 4 Every Body
  • Yoga 4 Therapists