Prenatal Low Back Care


Prenatal Low Back Care

Just recently my SI Joint and all the muscles around my hip joint seized up on me. I walk at least a mile 4-5 times a week and do yoga 2-3 times a week. However, since I am pregnant the extra weight is starting to affect me. What do I do? I picked up my t spheres and start to work the areas surrounding my SI Joint and hips. I start with my hands on the floor behind me in a face up position. I place the 45 mm t sphere under me and roll from the just under the iliac crest from the SI Joint to the hip joint. I work two other lines just inferior from medial to lateral as I hold pressure on a trigger point and roll to the next area releasing the tissue. With each roll, I get relief and my tissue lets go off the trigger point and lengthens. After I roll and release the tissue of around both hips, I then gently stretch the hamstrings, hips rotators, and then the quads.

What a great self care regimen whether you are pregnant or not. Since we are on the subject of pregnancy, it is important to remember to get massage and keep your muscles strong and flexible. I would suggest using t sphere aromatherapy massage balls, performing prenatal yoga, and getting the proper exercise. You get added benefit from the t spheres because you get muscle tension relief and aromatherapy for reduction of stress- all at the same time. I use my t spheres on myself and my clients in session.

Check out t spheres aromatherapy massage balls for low back pain self care.

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